Overflow Worship Academy 

The first step in the new team member process for Overflow Worship Academy is submitting a Overflow Worship Academy Application and a video recording of yourself playing a song you know, playing a song from the list below, and a commitment video with the person who will be bringing you to practice weekly.
This is to see commitment, not just ability.
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Please choose one of the following songs to learn:

Make Room
Ever Not Know You

Video Requirements

Video 1: A Song You Know Well
Submit a video of a song that you know well and are comfortable playing. This will help us better understand your current level of playing.

Video 2: A Song From Overflow Worship Academy's List
Submit a video of you playing a song from the list above. This will help us better understand how you learn songs. (resources for learning the songs are available below)

The video must be the full song from the selection listed above.
Videos from live worship services or play through videos are acceptable. Include the link in your Overflow Worship Academy  Application.

Video 3: Commitment Video
Because so many resources will be allotted for this academy and space is limited, all auditionees and the person(s) bringing them to each rehearsal should submit a video expressing commitment to at least 8 of the 10 scheduled rehearsals between June and August. This video should also showcase the auditionee’s practice space, musical instrument and in-ears

Please do not submit an application if the video auditions are not attached. If you’re having trouble uploading a video, please email overflowworshiptn@gmail.com

Video auditions will not be accepted if all requirements are not met.

Phase 2- Mandatory Meeting/Hangout
Phase 2 is the part of the new team member process where we get to know you and for you to get to know us!
You’ll also learn more about Overflow Worship Academy expectations and standards.
(Click the Overflow Worship Academy : Who We Are PDF to learn more.)
Mandatory Meeting/Hangout will be by invitation only and will be scheduled after receiving your completed Overflow Worship Academy application.

Requirements before joining the team:

We will practice at Overflow Church from 6:45-8:30 every Tuesday between June 4 - August 6th. Ability to commit to 8 of 10 rehearsals from 6/4 - 8/6

Set of In-Ears (see options below)
Personal Practice Area
Personal Instrument/Gear
Current Overflow Youth/Kid-Os attendee or Parent/Guardian is a current Overflow Church attendee

Encouraged Step
Going through the Overflow Church Next Step process is not a prerequisite but it is highly encouraged.
Can’t make it to a scheduled Next Step day? Don’t worry! We offer one on one sessions.
Email chelsea@overflowchurch.net to schedule one.